Calaveras Palomares Loop (or less)

  • 13 Jul 2019
  • 8:30 AM
  • Shannon Park

2/3/4 L/M/B -  Calaveras Palomares Loop - Shannon Park in Dublin at 8:30 a.m.

This ride has something for everyone!  Three options for three different levels of cyclists!  

Option #1 - 2/3 L/M - 38 miles, 1,400 feet in elevation gain. Ride Calaveras to the first summit and return to Shannon Park.  Optional coffee stop in Sunol at the Sunol Bistro (instead of turning on Pleasanton Sunol Road, return to Sunol for a quick bite at a charming, bike friendly bistro right in downtown Sunol).

Option #2 - 2/3 L/M/B - 52 miles, 2,400 feet in elevation gain.  

Want more of a challenge, ride Calaveras to the wall and back.

Option #3 - 3/4 M/B - 61 miles, 4,000 feet in elevation gain.

Want even more of a challenge? Even though it only adds eight miles, climbing Palomares adds 1,600 feet in elevation gain.  Coffee stop in Fremont before ascending Palomares.

Please note that on all these routes, opportunity for fuel and fluid is limited.  Please plan accordingly.  

Ride Hosts:

Kathy Koos 925-963-8506

Dave Gilbert 650-269-3322

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