Ride Host Resource Page

Ride Coordinator Contacts

If you have any questions regarding leading a ride or would like to have a ride added to the VS Ride Calendar, please contact the Cycling  Directors.

Sue Montero & Kris Yost - Cycling Directors

VS Club Ride Registration

Registration for VSBC Club rides are done online on the VSBC website or using the Wild Apricot App on your phone. Each rider must read and sign this liability waiver. It's a good idea for the ride host to bring the registration list/sheet during the ride in case you need to contact a rider or their emergency contact.

Becoming a Ride Host
One of the key elements of the success of the VSBC is the popularity of the Ride Schedule. Our diverse schedule keeps the Club vibrant, exciting, and encourages new riders to join. We always welcome new ride hosts to add new energy to our ride schedule. So why should you host a ride?

  • You get to choose the route, the pace and the stops. This means that you get to share your favorite routes and destinations, and ride at your preferred pace.
  • You meet new people who share at least one of your interests.
  • You can inspire people and get them excited about bicycling.
  • You earn credit towards Valley Spokesmen Membership and VS club gear!

Our Ride Host Guidelines can help you lead your first ride.

Ride Ratings
All rides are rated according to predicted difficulty based on Terrain and Pace. See our
Club Ride Ratings for complete info.

New Route Library

Old Route Library

What to do in an emergency
This is a very basic Emergency Management primer. As a Ride Host on a bicycle ride, you cannot be expected to be at the scene of a crash on your ride. Riders will be miles apart from each other within a half-hour from the start and any of them (including you) could be involved. You can’t be everywhere. This is for informational purposes only, with the hope that if you need information like this on your ride or some future ride you may participate in, it will be of help.

Rules of the Road
Following some general Rules of the Road can help keep you and other riders a little safer.

Ride Host Credit Program
The Ride Host Credit Program allows VS club members, that lead VS club rides, accumulate credit that can be used towards VS club membership or acquiring club clothing. The following guidelines determine how Ride Host Credit is earned.

1. Club members will earn one Ride Host Credit for each ride led on behalf of the club.

2. On rides that require co-hosts, the ride co-hosts will also earn one Ride Host Credit. You must have at least 3 riders for the host to receive host credits and 10 riders for the co-host to receive host credits. Ride co-hosts may not be added for credit within 72 hours (3 days) before the scheduled ride time. 

3. Credit is only given for rides led by a current VS club member. Rides hosted before club membership is renewed will not earn credit.

4. Credit is only given for rides added to the on-line Ride Calendar more than 72 hours (3 days) before the scheduled ride.

5. Credit is given only when hosts actually ride in the scheduled ride.

6. A substitute host may receive credit if the originally listed leader is unable to lead the ride.

7. Ride sign-up sheets must be received by the VS Office within 30 days of the ride date to earn rider leader credit.

8. A valid ride entails a minimum of three registered riders.

9. Ride Host Credit will be accumulated from January 1st to December 31st. Ride Host Credit will not carry over to the next calendar year.

10. One credit is given for volunteering for the Cinderella Classic & Challenge, Mount Diablo Challenge, and VS Race Team races.

  Redeeming Ride Host Credit
A maximum of 30 Ride Host Credits may be redeemed per calendar year.
  • 5 Credits = VS Club Membership-Single
  • 8 Credits = VS Club Membership-Family
  • VSBC Club Clothing- each credit will be a $5.00 refund on ANY ITEM you would like to purchase through the Castelli on-line store (open January 2022) 
  • 20 Credits = $100 gift card at your Local Bike Shop

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