VSBC Group Ride COVID-19 Protocol


Participation in group rides is voluntary and carries risk. Other members, and people you may come in contact with during the event, can transmit COVID-19 to you even if they are asymptomatic. You assume the complete responsibility for any exposure to COVID-19 caused by your participation. When you register for a group ride, you will agree to release Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club (VSBC) from any liability related to communicable illnesses.

General Information

▪ Group Rides are currently limited to members only.

▪ Maximum group size is 10 riders plus one or two ride hosts.

▪ Riders must pre-register for the ride on the VSBC club website or Wild Apricot cell phone app. There will be no sign-ups at the ride start.

▪ For family memberships each member must register for rides

▪ Pre-registration includes agreeing to the release, agreeing to follow the Rider Responsibilities below and CDC COVID-19 guidelines.

▪ The pre-registration list may be used for contact tracing in the event a rider subsequently becomes infected.

Rider Responsibilities

  • Riders must carry face coverings with them at all times.
  • If you have any potential symptoms of COVID-19, or you have been in contact within the past 14 days with individuals known or suspected to have COVID-19, you must not attend the ride.
  • Avoid carpooling except with members of your household.
  • Maintain at least a six-foot physical distance from individuals not part of your household. Increase this separation when moving on the bike.
  • You must have an easily accessible face covering with you.
  • Wear your face covering when not riding, including when the group meets before the ride, at regroups, and at the end of the ride. Also wear it (riding or not) whenever it seems like you might come within 6 feet of another individual (group member or not). The CDC has helpful information on effective face coverings.
  • Riders must control nasal and oral discharge with tissue or a towel
  • Drafting is not allowed
  • Do not share equipment, tools, food, or water with other riders, except members of your household.
  • VSBC recommends that you carry hand sanitizer with you and apply it frequently.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the planned route, print your own map or cue sheet. Printed materials will not be handed out by the ride host.
  • Abide by CDC guidelines
  • Abide by other rules that may be in effect by the state and in the county in which you are riding.
  • After the ride, if you have concerns about safety and the procedures that were followed, contact the ride host or one of the ride directors.

Ride Host Responsibilities

  • Use the pre-registration list to take attendance, but do not pass it around for signatures.
  • Keep the pre-ride meeting brief, and make sure everyone is wearing a mask and is appropriately distanced.
  • Do your best to enforce the rules and keep riders safe. Consider having a co-host so you can keep watch on more participants at once.
  • Notify the Ride Directors if you have problems or suggestions for improving our protocol.

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