Photo 9006-Jim Duncan, bike route closed-Pemberton B.C.
Photo 9005-Jim Duncan, Livermore Castle
Photo 9004-3rd Place-Izzie McGregor-Crane, Marin Headlands Tunnel
Photo 9003-Izzie McGregor-Crane, Conzelman Road Marin Headlands
Photo 9002-2nd Place-John Nasstrom, Mt Diablo SP South Gate Rd between south gate and pay station
Photo 9001-1st Place-Jan Schwartz, Taken across from the windmill on Collier Canyon  Meredith McHenry is an artist in the Pleasanton/Livermore area.
Photo 8024-1st Place August-Izzie, Palomares Rd., Curious Horses
Photo 8023-Julie Hampton, VS goes to McCloud. McCloud Golf Club outdoor sitting area.
Photo 8022-Joel Eckels, Ride Along the Rails! (Ride Idaho)
Photo 8021-2nd Place August-Julie Hampton, Julie Hampton, Melinda Mayfield, Walt Thomas, Julie Uher at Walt's Birthday Ride, Coyote Hills Parking Lot
Photo 8020-Kris Yost, Irvine, CA - Early start on a century ride to San Diego
Photo 8019-Kathy Strain, Half Moon Bay Trail-mtn biking
Photo 8018-Kathy Strain, Wilder Ranch State Park loop
Photo 8017-Kathy Strain, Brushy Peak trail
Photo 8016-Kathy Strain, Pismo Coastal Reserve-mtn biking
Photo 8015-John Nasstrom, Pinehurst Rd., just south of intersection with Canyon Rd.
Photo 8014-Julie Hampton, Dick playing piano on rr tracks - at Sedalia, MO, along the Katy Trail
Photo 8013-Greg Norman, Above Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands
Photo 8012-Julie Hampton, VS ride to San Diego...Torrey Pines Pkwy was closed but they let us go past barriers . LaJolla, CA
Photo 8011-Julie Hampton, Dick at top of Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island (outside of the town of Eastsound), Washington
Photo 8010-John Nasstrom, Near bottom of Juniper campground on Mt Diablo looking west at sunset.
Photo 8009-David Fitzgerald, J-Mack Ferry, CA-220, Walnut Grove, CA
Photo 8008-John Nasstrom, Big Basin Redwoods State Park - Just a few days before fires started
Photo 8007-Jim Van De Vreugde, Altamont Hills from Carroll Road
Photo 8006-Mary Lou Bullock, Collier Canyon Road summit
Photo 8005-Kathy Strain, Lake Siskiyou area. Mt Shasta in view. (Mtn bike ride 2020)
Photo 8004-Terry Cunningham, Verona Bridge
Photo 8003-3rd Place August-David Fitzgerald, Lookout Point, Summit Road, Mt Diablo State Park  (2019 Devil Mountain Challenge)
Photo 8001-Steve McGinnis, Chateau de Chambord, Chambord France
Photo 6109-Clay Dunning, Bob Barnett...Ready To Ride...Jacksonville, FL...750 mile ride Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of Florida.
Photo 6108-Steve Pepperdine, The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Aptos. Sand Point Overlook
Photo 6107-Mark Narciso, End of Doolan Road, Livermore
Photo 6106-Christy Simpson, Bus stop on Jack London near Gillig Company
Photo 6099-Ann Narciso, Mt Diablo, New Years Day!
Photo 6105-John Nasstrom. Palomares Road summit looking south.
Photo 6104-Rahman Batin, Near Mt Tam, Marin County
Photo 6103-Victor Taugher, 25 miles out of Stanley, ID while on the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Tour
Photo 6102-Andrew Lagodzinski
Photo 6101-Mark Narciso, 2019 Alpe di Siusi, Italy
Photo 6100-Karl Konrad, Tractors at Rest, Highland Road - near intersection with Victorine Rd.
Photo 6098-Ann Narciso, Pellestrina, Italy
Photo 6097-John Nasstrom, Mt Diablo Summit
Photo 6096-Julie Hampton, Bike Virginia 2011 - (I believe near Pulaski)
Photo 6095-Chuck Haupt, Bike lane on the new Bay Bridge
Photo 6094-Marisa Blecha, Golden Gate Bridge as part of the Kathy Koos' tour of the Bay ride
Photo 6093-Tracey Thebodeau
Photo 6092-Rahman Batin, Selma to Montgomery Memorial Bike ride
Photo 6091-Rahman Batin, Calaveras Road, Sunol
Photo 6090-John Nasstrom, Redwoods along Pinehurst Road just north of Canyon
Photo 6089-Paulette Diehl, Del Norte Coastal Redwood State Park - Cresent City CA
Photo 6088-Maureen, Pleasanton Senior Center Parking lot before a Pleasanton Pedaler Thursday Ride
Photo 6087-Ann Narciso, Bike commuter parking lot, Amsterdam
Photo 6086 (1st Place Winner)-Marisa Blecha, Alta Alpina "invitation only" ride, near Mottsville, CA at 5:23 am
Photo 6085-Mark Narciso, 2017 Solar Eclipse, Madras, Oregon
Photo 6084-Chuck Haupt, Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore
Photo 6083-Rob Delfosse, Tour of California Time Trial 2018 - Morgan Hill
Photo 6082-Clay Dunning, Dollar Hide summit, near Sun Valley, ID...Idaho Hot Springs Mtn Bike Route...
Photo 6081-Clay Dunning, Michelle McBee...Angel Island...Golden Gate bridge in background...
Photo 6080-Clay Dunning, Craig Dunning...Anza Borrego Desert.
Photo 6079-Clay Dunning, Poster - Keep on Rollin’...
Photo 6078-Clay Dunning, Trans Catalina Trail Mtn Bike Route..
Photo 6077-Clay Dunning, Tour de Tahoe...Lake Tahoe, CA
Photo 6076-Clay Dunning, Checking and kayak adventure...San Juan Islands, WA
Photo 6075-Jim Duncan, somewhere in the tri-valley.
Photo 6074-Jim Duncan, Livermore
Photo 6073-Jim Duncan, Pleasanton
Photo 6072-Jim Duncan, old farm water tower in Livermore
Photo 6071-Clay Dunning, English Bay, Vancouver, BC...Dianne Thompson at Sculpture Park,
Photo 6070-Clay Dunning, Totem, Victoria, British Columbia
Photo 6069-Clay Dunning, Erica Dedon...British Columbia
Photo 6068-Clay Dunning, 50th Parallel…Vancouver Island, Campbell River, British Columbia
Photo 6067-Clay Dunning, Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California.
Photo 6066-Clay Dunning, Capilano Canyon Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, BC
Photo 6065-Clay Dunning, Million Dollar Cowboy Bar...Jackson, Wy
Photo 6064-Clay Dunning, Stealing a kiss...Will and Julie Uher...Jackson, WY.
Photo 6063-Clay Dunning, Lake Louise, Alberta
Photo 6062-Peter Kyong, Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton, CA
Photo 6061-Greg Norman, Canyon, CA Railway Station ticket booth up Pinehurst Rd.
Photo 6060-Greg Norman, Old Bale Mill, Calistoga/St Helena
Photo 6059 (3rd Place Winner)-Peter Kyong, Bad Water, Death Valley
Photo 6058-Rob Delfosse, 2015 World Champs, Sagan, GVA and EBH accelerate on the last cobbled climb
Photo 6057-Rob Delfosse, Samon River Road-near Klamath, Somes Bar, Orleans, Marble Mountains, and Forks of Salmon
Photo 6056-Peter Kyong, Del Valle Parkway. Pleasanton
Photo 6055-Clay Dunning, Alligator Habitat, Atlantic Coast, Florida,
Photo 6054-Rob Delfosse, Tour of California time trial warm ups - Morgan Hill
Photo 6053-Jim Duncan, Family pic embedded in tree on east side of Pleasanton-Sunol Road approx 200 yards north of new railroad bridge.
Photo 6052-Jim Duncan, Collier Canyon, 0.5 miles south of intersection with Highland Road
Photo 6051-Rob Delfosse, Samon River Road-near Klamath, Somes Bar, Orleans, Marble Mountains, and Forks of Salmon
Photo 6050-Rob Delfosse, Samon River Road-near Klamath, Somes Bar, Orleans, Marble Mountains, and Forks of Salmon
Photo 6049-Terry Cunningham, Corner of Highland and Camino Tassajara
Photo 6048-Peter Kyong, South Lammers Rd in Tracy
Photo 6047-Clay Dunning, Granville Island, Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Photo 6046-Rob Delfosse, Tour of California women's time trial - Folsom
Photo 6045-Clay Dunning, Bear attack - Mountain Man Museum - Pinedale, WY
Photo 6044-Rob Delfosse, Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz
Photo 6043-Greg Norman, The Rotunda of the Summit Museum (or the “Lighthouse”) atop Mt Diablo
Photo 6042-Clay Dunning, Electric Chair - Wyoming State Penitentiary
Photo 6041-Greg Norman, Pinehurst Rd in Canyon, CA
Photo 6040-Clay Dunning, San Pablo Reservoir with Mt Diablo in the background from “Nimitz Way
Photo 6039-Clay Dunning, Saguaro National Park
Photo 6038-Clay Dunning, Historic church, Tucson, AZ
Photo 6037-Greg Norman, Mt Tam as seen from Mt Diablo
Photo 6036-Clay Dunning, Los Angeles with snow-capped mountains in background
Photo 6035-Rob Delfosse, Hetch Hetchy
Photo 6034-Rob Delfosse, Del Puerto Canyon
Photo 6033-Greg Norman, Devils Elbow, Mt Diablo
Photo 6032-Clay Dunning, Biosphere 2...Tucson, AZ.
Photo 6031-Clay Dunning, Mt Whitney in early morning sun...elevation 14,495’ from Lone Pine Campground.
Photo 6030-Rob Delfosse, Tour of Cali climb the backside of Hamilton
Photo 6029-Randy Simpson, Summit on Coleman Valley Road, during Levi's Grand Fondo
Photo 6028-Rob Delfosse, Mt Diablo
Photo 6027-Clay Dunning, Exhibit - Argentine National Hero - Che Guevara - Puerto Frias - near Chile-Argentina border...famous motorcycle trip through South America.
Photo 6026-Rob Delfosse, Mines Road
Photo 6025-Jim Van De Vreugde, Mines Road at 11.5 mile marker
Photo 6024-Greg Norman, Wood Carving Bear
Photo 6023-Rob Delfosse, Hayward Shoreline
Photo 6022-Clay Dunning, Bridge across Royal Gorge, Canon City, CO. (Fremont County)
Photo 6021-RL Simpson, Flying bicycle at Sacramento State Capitol during the Tour of California
Photo 6020-Rob Delfosse, Salmon River Road
Photo 6019-Jerry Pentin, Squaw Valley, on the Squaw Creek Golf Course
Photo 6018-Clay Dunning, Pony Express/Oregon Trail, Great Divide Basin, Wyoming
Photo 6017-Greg Norman, Olympic Blvd/Pleasant Hill Rd roundabout in Lafayette
Photo 6016-Larry Feigenbaum, Corner of Palomares and Palo Verde in Castro Valley
Photo 6015-Clay Dunning, Osorno Volcano, Patagonia, 🇨🇱 Chile
Photo 6014-Rob Delfosse, Chris Pham, Mountain Charlie, above Scotts Valley.
Photo 6012 - Jim Van De Vreugde, Mt Diablo Junction
Photo 6013 (2nd Place Winner)- John Nasstrom, Mt Diablo State Park, on South Gate Rd. at the top of the rise just below Rock City.
Photo 6011 - Rob Delfosse, Whale skeleton is at the UCSC aquarium
Photo 6009 - Randy Simpson, Road to the Sun, Glacier National Park, Montana
Photo 6008 - Clay Dunning, South of Breckinridge, CO on The Great Divide Mtn Bike Route
Photo 6007 - Greg Norman - Pinehurst loop at Canyon post office/ Railway Station
Photo 6006 - Sam Parino
Photo 6005 - Ivan Lee- Pig Farm in Martinez
Photo 6004 - Richard Asturias - Highway 1 between Stagecoach and Tinutas Creek.
Photo 6010 - Kris Yost - Shot of my bike at the top of Independence Pass, CO, June 2016 while catching my breath and putting on more layers for the upcoming downhill.  Elevation 12,095
Photo 6001 - Rebecca Wood
Photo 6002 - Erica Dedon, Del Valle Boat Ramp
Photo 10039
Photo 10038
Photo 10037
Photo 10036
Photo 10035
Photo 10034
Photo 10033
Photo 10032
Photo 10031
Photo 10030
Photo 10029
Photo 10028
Photo 10027
Photo 10026
Photo 10025
Photo 10024
Photo 10023
Photo 10005
Photo 10022
Photo 10021
Photo 10020
Photo 10019
Photo 10018
Photo 10017
Photo 10016
Photo 10015
Photo 10014
Photo 10013
Photo 10012
Photo 10011
Photo 10010
Photo 10009
Photo 10008
Photo 10007
Photo 10006
Photo 10004
Photo 10003
Photo 10002
Photo 10001

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