VS Photo Contest

Here's a chance to express your inner photographer spirit by participating in a new fun club photo contest. The rules are pretty simple: submit up to one photo per day to vsbc_photo@valleyspokesmen.org that you took while on you were on your bike.  All types of (tasteful) themes are fine but it must be related to cycling. 

When you submit you photos, please submit higher resolution photos (>1MB), include your name and the location where the photo was taken.  Submitted photos will be displayed on the slideshow to the right and the monthly Photo Gallery Album. Name and location information will not be displayed.

Additional contest information can be found on the Photo Gallery Album page.

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2020 Membership Renewals & New members!

VSBC Memberships are due for renewal on Jan 1st.

The Valley Spokesmen are a welcoming group of cyclists that encourage riders of all levels to join our group rides. There are a variety of rides for different levels of riding. Some of our rides are listed on the ride calendar as Beginner Friendly, while others are listed as Advanced; choose a ride at a level that you feel comfortable with. 

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Club members, subscribe to vslist so you're alerted to additional rides, ride changes, road issues, club socials, what's for sale, etc.

General Club Information

The Valley Spokesmen is a San Francisco Bay Area bicycle club based in Dublin California, approximately 15 miles southeast of Oakland. The club schedules both local and non-local rides. Emphasis is on road cycling, but mountain bike rides are also on the calendar. We provide a wide variety of club rides, ranging from short neighborhood tours suitable for families with children, to strenuous century-length epics. We encourage non-members to attend our club meetings and join us on any of our outings. We typically schedule several 'Newbie Rides' and rides of shorter duration each month. View our ride calendar and find a ride that is right for you!

The Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club was founded in August, 1971. Membership has grown from 81 active members in 1972 to over 500 card-carrying members presently. Most of the group are young to middle-aged adults, both married and single, but member ages range from infant family members to active riders in their 80's.

We are affiliated with these organizations:

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    VSBC Castelli Club Clothing

    There are a limited number of VSBC Castelli Clothing items available on the VSBC online store.  Sizes are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. 

    Club Clothing

    VS/Sock Guy Store Blk/Navy Wool Blend Royal Blue Acrylic 2 Sizes - S/M & L/XL

    VS/Sock Guy Store

    Note: L/XL Blk/Navy Wool Blend is sold out!

    Valley Spokesmen Feather Pedals Group

    Feather Pedals is a no-cost, volunteer cycling group within Valley Spokesmen that organizes conditioning rides for women preparing for Cinderella and social monthly rides. Both women and men are welcome to join all rides.

    Valley Spokesmen Racing Team
    Check out all the action of the VS Racing Team
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