Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club

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Valley Spokesmen, P.O. Box 2630, Dublin, CA 94568

Elected Officers

President Steve Whelan  925-964-7209
Vice-President Rob Delfosse  925-522-6270
Treasurer Don Carpenter  510-406-3205
Secretary Kathy Koos
Administrative Services Director
Corresponding Secretary
Membership Administrator
Bonnie Powers
Cycling Director Gail Blanco  
   Cycling Director non-elected Positions:
VS Racing Team Liaison        
Jeff Miller
Jim Duncan
Feather Pedal Liaison Karin Ball
Rebecca Wood
Ride Chairperson(s) Emma Olenberger
Alberto Lanzas
Peter Rathmann

Mileage Keeper
James Paulos
Communication Director Rebecca Wood  925-577-3842
   Communications Director non-elected Positions:
Webmasters Jim Van De Vreugde
Steve Whelan

 VS Email List Administrator   Jim Van De 925-577-0719
Events Director Jim Duncan 925-209-1369
   Events Director non-elected Positions:
Cinderella Chairperson(s)
Jim Duncan
Mid-Winter Party ChairKathy Koos  
TOSRD Chairperson
Francie Cushman

Mt Diablo Challenge ChairKaren Kaiser
Swap Meet Manager Bonnie Powers 925-828-5299
Non-Elected Positions

Past President

 Marcus van Raalte


Bike East Bay Representative

 Adele Madelo

For further information, call or e-mail our Corresponding Secretary, Bonnie Powers, at 925-828-5299,
 or write to: the Valley Spokesmen, P.O. Box 2630, Dublin, CA 94568

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