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The 47th Cinderella Classic ® & Challenge

April 15th, 2023

Registration for the Cinderella 2023 is closed! 

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Cinderella Classic & Challenge Volunteers Needed

Volunteer registration is open and ready for sign ups. It is time to sign up to help the club pull off the 47th Cinderella Classic and Challenge bike event by volunteering to help on ride day. This year’s event will be held on Saturday April 15th beginning at Las Positas College in Livermore.

Volunteer Signup -

If you have never ridden Cinderella send your e-mail address to to be on the mailing list.

The Cinderella is a unique bicycle tour for women of all ages and abilities as it winds through Amador, Livermore, Diablo, and San Ramon Valleys. Charming Princes will be at rest/food stops along the way. Our SAG service patrols the entire route to provide rider assistance if required. A Cinderella Classic ride patch is awarded to every rider. Leave your Prince Charming at home or better yet, have him volunteer, and enjoy a special day!  

Cinderella Short Route

The new Cinderella Short route is a relatively flat 30.7 mile/50km route starting at Las Positas College in Livermore.  It winds through Livermore to Greenville Road where it joins the Classic route and continues north of Livermore on May School Rd., Manning, and Collier Canyon Rd before returning to Las Positas College.  There is one rest/refreshment stop in the northern part of Livermore and lunch at the end.  

Cinderella Classic Route

This unique bicycle tour for women of all ages and abilities winds through Amador, Livermore, Diablo, and San Ramon Valleys. The Classic route is a metric century (62.6 miles/101k) and is mostly flat with a few moderate hills and 2100 feet of climbing. From the new start at Las Positas College in Livermore, the ride goes north on Collier Canyon Rd. and then along the base of beautiful Mt. Diablo to Danville before circling south through Pleasanton, out through the vineyards of Livermore, then north of Livermore, where it turns south and back to the Las Positas College. 

Cinderella Challenge Route
The Challenge route is for experienced and extra-conditioned riders only. It includes an additional 30 miles (for approximately 100 miles/160k) and almost 4,200 feet of climbing.

Starting at Las Positas College you will go to the Challenge route in the morning while you are fresh. You will make a loop via the climb of Patterson Pass, a thrilling 6 mile descent into the valley, another short climb on Midway Road, then to the Altamont Pass where there is a refreshment stop before you continue your ride to join the Classic route. The route is posted to Ride with GPS and you will receive a printed route sheet at Saturday’s registration.
The route is constantly patrolled by Cinderella SAG vehicles.

Entry to the Cinderella Challenge route closes at

9:00 am and is monitored!

WOMEN and GIRLS ONLY! - No male riders allowed on the course

When: Saturday, April 15, 2023                            
(rain or shine, no make-up day, no refunds!)

Where: Las Positas College - Livermore, CA
From I-680: traveling North or South take I-580 east toward Livermore.  Exit at Isabel Ave. and head north.  Cross Portola Ave. onto Campus Hill Drive which ends at Las Positas College.  Follow Signs. Park as directed.
From I-580: traveling East or West, exit at Isabel Ave. and head north.  Cross Portola Ave. onto Campus Hill Drive which ends at Las Positas College.  Follow Signs. Park as directed.

Registration before April 11th, 10pm

Cinderella Classic/Challenge:

$70 - Registration, general

$60 - Valley Spokesmen member

$50 - Special reg for young riders ages 8-14

Cinderella Short:

$45 - Registration, general

$40 - Valley Spokesmen member

$30 - Special reg for young riders ages 8-14

Day of Registration-April 15th

Cinderella Classic/Challenge:

$80 - Day of Registration, general
Cinderella Short:

$55 - Day of Registration, general

Payment is by cash, credit card, Apple Pay or check.
Your registration includes parking, commemorative Cinderella patch, rest stops and lunch, SAG support, plus post ride catered food and a vendor Expo. Beer will be available for purchase. A route map and Cinderella wrist band will be provided.  The Cinderella is on rain or shine. No refunds, no makeup ride.

Advance Registration closes April 11th or 
when the rider limit is reached.

On April 13th, all registered riders will receive a Cinderella Confirmation e-mail and a link to your Release/Waiver form. 
Print and bring your Confirmation e-mail, and your completed Release/Waiver form to rider check-in on April 15th where you will receive your Cinderella wrist band and route sheet. 

If you forget to bring your Release/Waiver form, your ride start may be delayed.

Registration opens at 6:00 a.m. and closes at 9:00 a.m. COURSE OPENS AT 7am. PLEASE DO NOT START BEFORE 7am, NO ROUTE SUPPORT BEFORE 7am.  ALL RIDERS MUST BE ON THE COURSE BY 9:00 a.m. Cinderella is NOT a race. Course closes at 4:00 p.m. If you are still on the course, you will be transported to the finish.

There will be SAG support patrolling the route if you need assistance. Rest stops will have fruit, drinks and snacks. Catered food and soft drinks are served at the end of the ride.  Shadow Puppet beers will be available for purchase by riders and guests. 

Your spouse, partner, family and friends are welcome to meet you at the finish and all are invited to The Cinderella Expo where bicycle manufacturers, clothing suppliers and women’s organizations will have booths.

Guests (non-riders) are welcome to purchase the catered Mediterranean Pasta Bar with Tuscan salad for $15.00 and Shadow Puppet beer for $6.00.

Cash, credit card or Apple Pay.

Important Reminders
Ride safely and obey the rules of the road

Bicycles are under the same rules
of the road as motor vehicles.
  • Be safe, be courteous... This is a ride, not a race.
  • Helmets are required.
  • No headphones, ear buds, or other listening devices.
  • Police Departments in all towns and cities along the route and the Highway Patrol are aware of this ride. They will be patrolling the route for your safety and looking for traffic violations.
  • Obey all "Rules of the Road' as printed in the California Vehicle Code. A bicycle is a vehicle and subject to vehicle law.
  • Obey all signal lights and stop signs.
  • Share the road with cars and leave their share clear for safe driving.
  • Ride as close to the right edge of the road as is safe. If it is not safe, take the lane.
  • Ride single file, particularly when traffic is present.
  • Signal your turns and point out hazards to other cyclists.
  • Pass other cyclists on the left only and call out "passing left" Do not pass riders on the right.
  • Riders should carry an extra tube, patch kit, tools, and Identification.
The Cinderella Classic, Challenge and Short rides are 65/100/35-mile recreational bicycle ride (not a race) for women & girls only. Males do not ride Cinderella, they do the organization, support, rest stops and SAGs for the Cinderellas.

Prepare your bike! Please check your bike, or ask your local bike shop to give it a once-over before you arrive. You want to make certain that all components (brakes, tires, wheels, derailleur, etc.) are ready for this ride. The Valley Spokesmen will not inspect your bicycle and are not responsible for its condition. There will be at least one local bike shop on hand to assist you with any minor mechanical problems you might encounter.

A Cinderella Classic/Challenge/Short route sheet will be provided, and the road will be marked where possible with color corresponding arrows.

Cinderella in Jeopardy

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get permission from counties, cities and towns to stage The Cinderella Classic/Challenge. Why? Increased traffic, development and complaints of Cinderella riders not obeying traffic laws and abusing the privilege of sharing the road by riding 2 and 3 abreast in the traffic lanes. Monitor your fellow Cinderella riders for safety, and help keep us on the road.

Ride-a-Longs Jeopardize Cinderella
Our rider numbers are limited by the police departments of the cities we ride through and they monitor the route for traffic violations. If you are not registered, please do not ride the Cinderella route. Don't be the one to cause the termination of this ride. Thanks for your cooperation.

Additional information

For additional information or to find expert answers to all your questions to our Cinderella Classic Team at

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