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Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club presents

48th Cinderella Classic/Challenge & Lite

The Original Women Only Bike Ride

Saturday, April 13, 2024


Cinderella Classic/Challenge/Lite FAQs

- Frequently Asked Questions 


Are there training rides that will get me prepared to ride the Cinderella?

Yes, the Feather Pedals (FP), a cycling group within the Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club (VSBC), organizes a series of 12 FP Cinderella Conditioning Rides designed to prepare riders to complete the Cinderella Classic. The training rides start on Saturday January 20th with shorter and flatter rides and continue for a total of 12 Saturdays progressively increasing in distance and difficulty. The start locations stage from 2-3 different locations to provide more route variety and to allow riders to have more opportunity to practice riding the Cinderella route. Complete information can be found on the Feather Pedals page.

What kind of bikes are allowed on the Cinderella rides?

Most all types of Pedal or Hand powered bikes are allowed such as Road, Touring, Mountain, Recumbents, etc.

Only Class1 and Class 3 (pedal assist) E-bikes are allowed. Class 2 (throttle assist) E-bikes are NOT ALLOWED.

What if it rains?

The Cinderella Classic/Challenge/Lite will be held Rain or Shine and will not be rescheduled. Refunds or credits will not be possible because the fixed costs to promote the event are paid in advance. 

Can my kids ride with me?

Definitely. We encourage Mother/Daughter teams. Girls ages 8-17, riding with a parent or guardian ride for FREE - Registration is required.  

I didn't receive a confirmation email, how can I confirm I'm registered?

On occasion, a confirmation email doesn't make it to the registered rider's InBox. There are several reasons why this may happen:

  • The email address was entered incorrectly during registration.
  • The email was sent to the Spam or Junk folder.
  • A different email address was used during registration, check all other email addresses.

If you haven't received a confirmation email after a couple of hours, check the Spam and Junk folders of all your email addresses. If none of the above has revealed your confirmation email, send us an email and we will send out another one.

Will Route Sheets be available?

In an effort to be more Green and reduce waste, we are providing links to Route Sheet PDF files and asking riders to print them if they need or want them for the ride. A very small number of Route Sheets will be available if absolutely needed. The PDF files can also be download to your cell phone.

Can I download a GPS file of my route?

Yes, GPS files and links to ridewithgps.com Routes are available along with complete route information can be found HERE .

When does registration open?

The Cinderella Classic / Challenge registration opens at 6:00 am and Closes at 8:00 am.

The Cinderella Lite registration opens at 8:00 am and Closes at 9:30 am.

What time can I start the ride?

The Cinderella ClassicChallenge courses open at 7am. DO NOT START BEFORE 7 am. NO ROUTE SUPPORT BEFORE 7 am.

All Classic / Challenge riders must depart Las Positas by 8:00 am.

Entry to the Challenge route at Dublin Canyon Rd. Closes at 12:00 pm and will be monitored!

All Cinderella Lite participants must depart Las Positas by 10:00 am.

When does the course close?

All Cinderella Courses close at 5:00 p.m. If you are still on the course, you will be transported to the finish.

Can I transfer my registration?

Yes, you can transfer your registration if done before on-line registration closes. Here is the procedure for transferring your on-line registration:

  1. Find a person to transfer your registration to and make arrangements with them for reimbursement for your original registration.
  2. Send an email to cinderellaclassic@valleyspokesmen.org with your request to transfer your registration and the name and email address of the transferee (the person taking your registration).
  3. Have the transferee register on-line for Cinderella but not pay.
  4. We will cancel your original registration and transfer your payment to the transferee.

You can only transfer registrations of the same price. You can transfer from Classic to Challenge and vice versa and from Lite to Lite. You can not transfer from Lite to Classic or Challenge.

What if I cannot ride on the day of the event?

We do not provide Refunds or Credits for next year. You can transfer or sell your registration to someone else. See "Can I transfer my registration" above.

What if I want to change which route I want to ride?

It is simple to switch from Classic to Challenge or Challenge to Classic. When you check-in for the ride at the registration table, ask to switch routes and they will make note of the change. You will need to make sure you have downloaded the appropriate Cinderella course and route sheet to your devices.

To change from the Lite route to the Classic or Challenge routes on the day of the event, You will need to fill out a new registration form and pay the additional $25 difference in price at the Day-of-Event Registration & Transfer Table.

Can my Prince Charming join me at the finish?

Yes, have your Prince Charming meet you at the finish and take pictures on the Cinderella podium. Your spouse, partner, family and friends are welcome to meet you at the finish and all are invited to The Cinderella Expo where bicycle manufacturers, clothing suppliers and women’s organizations will have booths. Guests (non-riders) are welcome to purchase the catered post-ride meal.

What if my bike gets a mechanical problem?

Your bike should be in top mechanical shape before the ride. Each of the Cinderella Rest Stops have SAG vehicles and professional mechanics. You should carry a spare tube and pump or CO2. If not, the SAG vehicles carry spare tubes and a floor pump. For bigger issues, you may be transported to the nearest rest stop where there is a mechanic. There is a phone number on your route sheet to call the SAG coordinator for flats, mechanical or SAG support. Each SAG vehicle has a phone and HAM radio coverage. If it is a medical emergency, call 911 first, then call the SAG coordinator.

How do I sign up to have booth at the Vendor Expo?

The Cinderella Classic Vendor Expo is FREE but we require a $20 deposit to hold your vendor site reservation. After your attendance at the Expo, your deposit will be refunded. Go to  to register for a vendor site.

How do I sign up to volunteer for the Cinderella Event?

I'm glad you asked. It takes 175 volunteer positions to make the Cinderella event possible. Every year it's a struggle to fill all the positions. Without your help, the Cinderella can't happen. Volunteer signup will begin in January. Please support the Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club and the Cinderella Classic event by volunteering to help on the days leading up to the event and especially on Cinderella day. Help make the ride magical for all the Cinderellas.

What non-profit organizations does Cinderella support?

The Cinderella Classic has a very long history of supporting local women's support groups. Unfortunately, since COVID the Cinderella Classic has struggled with low attendance and have operated at break-even at best. This year we have incorporated some cost cutting measures and unfortunately, had to raise the entry fee. We are confident that this coming year we will again be able to donate to these worthy causes. 

I have a Question?

If you have a question send an email to cinderellaclassic@valleyspokesmen.org                        

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