Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   San Jose, Morgan Hill, Coyote Creek Trail
Rating:   2     Miles: 41
Description:   Ride along the Coyote Creek Parkway Trail from the Velodrome, and then go to Morgan Hill.
Start:   in San Jose, Coyote Hellyer County Park, Velodrome parking
At  Turn  Onto                    At  Turn  Onto

00.0  R  bike trail               19.9  L  Depot St
      X  Hwy 101                  20.0  R  E. Second St
03.1  X  Silver Crk Vy Blvd             X  Monterey Rd
03.7  X  Bernal Rd                20.2  R  deli and bookstore
04.9  X  Silicon Valley Blvd               * lunch stop
06.1     Metcalf Park                   E  E. Second St
08.9     Coyote Ranch Rd                L  Depot St
10.7     Sycamore rest area             R  E. Main Ave
12.4     Eucalyptus rest area     22.7  L  Cochrane Rd
13.6     model airplane area      24.3  R  Malaguerra Ave
15.3     walnut rest area               S  gravel road
         * at 'Y' take rt fork    25.1  S  over bridge
         * go over bridge                  paved trail
15.4  S  on gravel road (0.3mi)   25.4     Walnut rest area
15.7  S  Malaguerra Ave           28.0     Eucalyptus rest area
16.3  L  Cochrane Rd              29.8     Sycamore rest area
16.6     Coyote Creek Park        33.9     Metcalf Park
17.6  R  E. Main Ave              40.5     velodrome parking