Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Folsom, Sacramento, American River Trail
Rating:   2     Miles: 60
Description:   Ride along the American River Bike Trail from Folsom to Old Sacramento. Return to Folsom after lunch.
Start:   in Folsom, at American River Negro Bar parking, on Greenback Lane
At  Turn  Onto                  At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  bike trail            28.5  R  onto bridge
05.4  R  loop under and up     28.8  R  bike trail
         at Hazel Ave Bridge   29.5  L  over train tracks
         * walk bike - gravel  29.9     * lunch - Old Sac
05.8  R  follow road to right  30.3  L  onto bike trail
05.9  R  bike trail            31.0  L  over the bridge
         * rest stop           31.3  L  loop under bridge
      S  bike trail -> west             onto the bike trail
08.6  L  follow trail          44.4  S  at 'Y'
10.6 BL  bear left at 'Y'      48.3  R  at 'Y'
14.7  S  bridge over river     54.0  L  Hazel Ave Bridge
25.6  S  after train trestle            west side
28.4  L  under overpass        54.4  L  loop under bridge
         into parking lot               to bike trail
         * wait - restrooms             * walk bike on dirt
                               60.0  R  Negro Bar parking