Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Davis, Woodland, Farmers Market and Woodland Homes
Rating:   1     Miles: 24
Description:   a great farmer's market, interesting historic homes in Woodland
Start:   in Davis, at shopping center at Covell Blvd and Anderson Rd
Turn  Onto                   Turn  Onto

 S  Anderson Rd               L  Opera House Plaza
 L  Russell Blvd                 * lunch
 R  C Street                     * home tour
    * Farmers Market          L  Main St
 L  Russell Blvd                 (toward Road 99)
 R  Anderson Rd               L  Road 99
 L  Covell Blvd               L  Covell Blvd
 R  Road 99                      - Anderson Rd
 R  Woodland Main St             * finish *