Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Chico, Marysville
Rating:   1     Miles: 55
Description:   second day of possible two-day ride (see "Marysville to Chico" ride)
Start:   in Chico, at the motel at 6th and Main Streets
At  Turn  Onto                 At  Turn  Onto

00.0 R  Sixth St               33.4  R  Hwy 99
     L  Dayton Rd                       lunch on L after light
     L  Durham/Dayton Hwy      33.5  R  East Gridley
     R  Midway                 35.0  R  Larkin Rd
09.0 R  Calam. Jayn, Durham    41.0  R  Pennington
     L  Midway                       X  Hwy 99 (restrooms)
     L  Brown                        L  Broadway->Larkin Rd
     L  Goodspeed              47.0  L  Eager Rd
     L  Hanlon                          overpasses Hwy 99
     R  Taylor                 48.6  R  Live Oak Blvd
     L  White                  52.0  L  Hwy 20
     R  Midway                          * stay in right lane
21.2 X  Richvale Hwy           52.3  R  Plumas
23.3 L  Butte City Hwy #162    52.7  L  Bridge St
24.3 R  Riceton Hwy                  L  Underpass
27.3 L  Afton Rd -> 8th                 -> bridge to Marysvl
28.4 R  B St                         L  C St
    BL  -> W. Biggs/Grdly Rd   55.0  R  6th St to Amtrak sta.
32.4 L  Sycamore