Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Brentwood - Los Vaqueros and Contra Loma Reservoirs
Rating:   2     Miles: 37
Description:   To Los Vaqueros Dam adds about 6.5 miles
Start:   in Brentwood, at Second and Oak Streets
At  Turn  Onto               At  Turn  Onto

00.0  W  Oak St              24.2  L  Fredrickson Ln
00.2  L  Walnut Blvd         25.2  R  Contra Loma Park
02.9  S  Walnut Blvd         25.5  L  at 'Y' ranger sta
05.6  S  L.V. Staging Area   26.0  L  Fredrickson Ln
07.6  U  L.V. Dam            27.0  L  Golf Course Rd
10.8  L  Camino Diablo       27.6  R  Lone Tree Way
12.3  R  Marsh Creek Rd      32.1  R  Fairview Ave
15.6  R  Deer Valley Rd      34.9  L  Balfour Rd
20.1  L  Empire Mine Rd      36.4  L  Walnut Blvd
23.5  L  Mesa Ridge Dr       36.9  R  Oak St
23.9  L  Golf Course Rd      37.1  X  Second St