Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Brentwood; short ride around fruit stands
Rating:   1     Miles: 18
Description:   n/a
Start:   in Brentwood; intersection of Hoffman Ln and Marsh Creek Rd
At  Turn Onto            At  Turn Onto

00.0  W  Marsh Creek Rd  08.9  L  Sunset Rd
00.5  R  Sellers Ave     10.1  R  Byron Hwy
      X  Hwy 4           12.1  R  Balfour Rd
00.9  L  Delta Rd        13.8  L  Sellers Ave
06.0  L  Dwelly Farms          X  Hwy 4
06.5  R  Delta           15.8  L  Marsh Creek Rd
07.7  R  Knightsen       17.8     Hoffman Ln