Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Aptos, Watsonville, and Gizdich Ranch
Rating:   2.5     Miles: 40
Description:   lunch stop at Gizdich Ranch for fruit pie a la mode!
Start:   in Aptos, at shopping center west of intersection of Polo Dr and Soquel Dr
At  Turn  Onto                At  Turn  Onto

00.1  west Soquel Dr                    * opt climb or omit
00.8  R   Aptos St                      * and cont Green Vly
00.8  R   Bernal St           22.0  L   Casserly Rd
00.9  L   Valencia St         26.0  S   Carlton Rd
01.0  R   Trout Gulch         27.0  L   Gizdich Ranch
02.0  S   Valencia Dr                   * lunch stop
05.0  L   Day Valley Rd       27.0  R   Carlton Rd
06.0  L   Freedom Blvd        27.2  L   Lakeview Rd
08.5  L   Corralitos Rd       28.2  R   Callege Ave
11.0  R   Browns Valley Rd    29.0  S   Holohan Rd
11.5  L   Browns Valley Rd    31.0  S   Airport Blvd
14.5  S   Hazel Dell Rd       32.0  R   Freedom Blvd
          1.5 mile climb      39.0  R   Soquel Dr
17.5  R   Green Valley Rd     40.0  -   Polo Dr
21.0  L   Wheellock Rd                  * finish *