Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Walnut Creek to Concord Pavilion
Rating:   2     Miles: 22
Description:   n/a
Start:   Walnut Creek BART, west side, off Ygnacio Valley Blvd
At  Turn  Onto                At  Turn  Onto

00.0  R  Riviera Ave          08.6  L  Ayers Rd ('T')
00.4  R  Parkside Dr          10.1  R  Myrtle Dr
00.6  L  Jones Rd             11.1  S  Kirker Pass Rd
01.6  S  Oak Blvd                      * into Conc. Pavilion
01.8  S  Treat Blvd           11.6     Concord Pavilion
01.9  U  at Pleas. H. BART    12.1  L  Kirker Pass Rd
         -> Jones Rd          12.9  S  Ygnacio Valley Blvd
02.1 BL  -> bike trl          18.7  R  San Carlos Dr
02.4  L  CCC bike trl         19.3     -> to CCC trail
05.3  L  at 'T' in trl        19.9  R  for Pleas. H. riders
05.8  R  Treat Blvd           19.9  S  for Wal. Crk riders
06.8  S  Cowell Rd            20.2  L  Jones Rd
07.0  R  Pembroke Dr          20.9  R  Parkside Dr
07.1 QL  Sussex Way           21.1  L  Riviera Ave
07.3  R  Tur. Crk Rd at 'T'   21.5  L  WC BART Station