Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Pleasant Hill and Concord
Rating:   1     Miles: 20
Description:   Explore the northern portion of the Iron Horse Trail from the Pleasant Hill BART station to Marsh Drive near Hiway 4, and continue east to Delta De Anza Trail.
Start:   in Pleasant Hill, at the BART station on Treat Blvd and Jones Road
At  Turn  Onto                    At  Turn  Onto

00.0  N  Jones Rd                      L  Arnold Indust. Hwy
00.2  C  Coggins Dr                    L  Solano Way
00.4  R  Iron Horse Trail                 * under Hwy 4
00.7  X  Mayhew Way BL                 R  Marsh Dr
      S  alley (behind Ashby LB) 13.7  L  Iron Horse Trail
01.0  X  Hookston Rd  BR         15.3  X  Concord Ave
01.0  C  Iron Horse Trail        15.6  S  Iron Horse Trail
01.6  X  Monument Blvd           16.5  L  Willow Way
         at Mohr Ln              16.8  L  Diamond Blvd
      L  Monument Blvd           17.0  X  Willow Pass Rd
01.6  X  bridge -> trail               R  Willow Pass Rd
02.5     * walk under Hwy 242             * caution: walk
03.0  R  Willow Pass Rd                   * to Iron H. Trail
         - walk to Diamond Blvd  17.2  L  Iron Horse Trail
03.2  L  Diamond Blvd            17.5     * walk under Hwy 242
03.5  R  Willow Way              18.4  X  Monument Blvd
03.7 R/L Iron Horse Trail                 at Mohr Ln
04.2  R  Concord Ave                   X  Hookston Rd
04.4  L  Iron Horse Trail              S  alley behind Ashby LB
05.8  R  Marsh Dr (end trail)          X  Mayhew Way
06.0  L  Solano Way                    L  Coggins Dr
         * under Hiway 4               S  Jones Rd
06.1  R  Arnold Industrial Hwy   19.8  R  Pl. H. BART prkng
      R  Port Chicago Hwy                 * finish *
         * under Hiway 4
      R  onramp Hiway 4 - east   * Pl. Hill BART <--> Rudgear
         * OK for bikes          00.0  S   Jones Rd
      R  Willow Pass exit        00.1  X   Treat Blvd
         * bikes must exit       00.2  S   Iron Horse Trail
      L  Willow Pass Rd          00.3  X   C.C.C. Trail
      R  start Delta De Anza Trl 01.5  S   I.V. Road Bridge
09.9     betw Hwy ramp & Evora   02.0  X   Mt. Diablo Blvd
09.9  L  Willow Pass Rd          02.4  X   Newell
      R  Hwy 4 onramp - west     03.5  X   Danville at Rudgear
      R  Port Chicago exit                 * finish *
      R  Port Chicago Hiway