Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Pleasant Hill, Concord
Rating:   2     Miles: 25
Description:   a different variation of the Mitchell Canyon #2 ride
Start:   in Pleasant Hill, at Salfingere Park, 320 Civic Drive
At  Turn  Onto                  At  Turn  Onto

00.1  R  Civic Dr                     S  Oak Grove Rd
00.2  R  Norse Ave              16.7  L  Mitchell Dr
00.5  X  Viking Dr (thru DVC)   17.0  R  N. Wiget
01.0  X  Golf Club Rd->bike tr  17.3  L  C.C. Canal Trl
      X  Chilpancingo Pkwy      20.4  R  Putnam Blvd
      X  Center Ave                   X  Oak Park Blvd
02.7  R  Muir Rd                21.2  L  Roberta Ave
02.9  L  Pacheco Blvd           21.3  R  Poshard St
03.0  R  Blum Rd                21.5  L  Soule St
03.3  R  Imhoff Rd                    X  Boyd Rd
04.5  R  Solano Way             21.8  S  Kahrs Ave
04.8  L  Olivera Way            22.2  L  Gregory Ln
      X  Hwy 242 overpass       23.3  R  C.C. Canal Trl
      X  Port Chicago Hwy       23.5  L  Taylor Blvd
07.2  X  Willow Pass Rd         23.7  R  Morello Ave
07.8  L  Concord Ave            24.2  R  Viking Dr
11.5  R  Kirker Pass / Ygnacio  24.5  R  Norse Ave
16.2  L  Oak Grove Rd           24.7  L  Civic Dr
         * lunch