Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek
Rating:   1     Miles: 17
Description:   Easy circular route; several stops at city parks; lots of restrooms
Start:   in Pleasant Hill; at Cal State Education Center, at Oak Park Blvd and Santa Barbara
At  Turn  Onto                    At  Turn  Onto

00.0  R  Buskirk                  10.0  R  Oak Grove Rd
00.2  R  Mayhew                   10.1  L  Walnut Ave
00.8  R  Bancroft Rd              10.3  L  Wiget Ln
01.0  L  David Ave                11.0  R  Comistas Dr
02.2  L  Oak Grove Rd             11.3  R  Las Lomas Way
02.7  R  Whitman Rd               11.4  L  San Carlos Dr
03.1  L  Detroit Ave              12.3  X  Ygnacio Vly Rd
03.7  X  Monument Blvd            12.9  L  C.C. Canal Trail
03.9  R  Walters Way              16.3  R  Gregory Ln
04.2  L  San Miguel Rd            17.1  R  Cleveland Rd
04.5  R  Cowell Rd                18.0  R  Pleasant Valley
05.1  R  C.C. Canal Trail         18.3  L  Oak Park Blvd
07.1  X  Treat Bldv -> trail      18.4  L  over freeway
07.6  S  to W.C. bike trail       18.6  L  Buskirk Ave
09.6  S  lv. trail -> Doncaster   18.7  R  Coco's Parking
09.9  R  North Gate Rd                     * lunch *