Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Martinez to Davis
Rating:   2     Miles: 63
Description:   One-way trek from Martinez to Davia via Pleasants Valley; return on Amtrak
Start:   First pkng lot on left, inside the Martinez Waterfront Park, off Joe DiMaggio Dr, near Martinez Amtrak Station
L=left, R=right, C=continue, BL=bear left, BR=bear right, RG=regroup, X=cross
At    Turn   Onto                           At   Turn   Onto

00.00   R  Joe DiMaggio Dr                  30.65  L  Pleasants Valley Rd
00.14   BL -> Ferry St                      42.25  R  Putah Creek Rd
        X  RR tracks                        47.22  L  Winters Rd/Railroad Ave
00.27   L  Escobar St                                 (cross the bridge)
01.62   L  Mococo Rd, follow zigzag                   May take bike bridge instead
           to Benicia Bridge Trail			    47.42  R  E Main St
01.70   L  Benicia Bridge Trail;            47.46 RG  Steady Eddy's Coffee and Juice
           bike rack in front;                        5 E Main St, Winters, 530-795-3588
        C  Benicia Bridge Trail to end      47.5   L  from Steady Eddy's, south onto
03.81   R  Park Rd                                    Railroad Ave, back the way we came
04.99   X  Bayshore Rd and RR tracks        47.7   L  Putah Creek Rd
06.32   R  E 2nd St                         48.6   X  Under I-505
        C  E 2nd St becomes Lopes Rd at     50.24 BR  Stay on Putah Creek Rd (60 degree turn)
           Lake Herman Rd.                  50.85 BL  Stay on Putah Creek Rd (90 degree turn)
07.00  RG  Quick regroup at Vista Point     54.74  L  Stevenson Bridge Rd / Rd 95A
           just after Lake Herman Rd        55.27  C  Over the bridge / cross Putah Creek
14.35  RG  Gas Station just past Gold Hill  56.06  R  Russell Blvd / Co Rd 32
           Rd (Restroom, food and drinks)             SHARP RIGHT onto trail parallel to 
        C  Lopes Rd                                   Russell; if you miss it you can stay 
16.46   X  RR tracks AND THEN IMMEDIATELY             on Russell
        R  Cordelia Rd; watch for traffic          C  Russell Blvd or trail
17.03   L  Pittman Rd                       60.85  X  over SR 113
17.88   X  over I-80                               C  bike paths along Russell; follow all 
           Be careful -- narrow bridge                bike traffic signs and signals
        C  Pittman Rd -> Suisun Valley Rd   62.08  R  B St -- Note US Bicycling Hall of Fame 
19.44   R  Rockville Rd                               at B St / 3rd St
21.17   L  Abernathy Rd; roundabout:        62.34  L  2nd St
           be cautious of traffic           62.69     End Davis Amtrak 2nd St / G St
22.98   R  Mankas Corner Rd                           840 Second St, Davis, 530-758-4220
23.88   C  Mankas Corner Rd -> Waterman           			 
25.18   R  Safeway Shopping Center			 
       RG  Safeway Shopping Center                          RETURN Trip from Amtrak 
           Don't pass freeway - too far                     Martinez Amtrak Station
           Last food/water until Winters                 X  Marina Vista Ave. going S on Castro St.
        R  Out of first shopping cntr exit         0.11  L  Escobar St.
           (with stoplight) then IMMEDIATE         0.23  L  Ferry St.
25.27   L  Hilborn Rd                              0.35 BR  Joe DiMaggio Dr.
           several big rollers ahead               0.43 BL  N. Court St.	 
27.52   L  Lyon Rd
29.83   L  Cherry Glen Rd/Lagoon Valley Rd             		 
30.41  BR  to Continue on Cherry Glen