Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Martinez, Benicia
Rating:   2     Miles: 23
Description:   the Bridge to Bridge Ride; crossing from Martinez to Benicia
Start:   in Martinez, at the park just south of the Marina, north of the RR tracks
At  Turn  Onto                         At  Turn  Onto

00.0  R  Court St                     09.4  L  Glen Cove Rd ("Rollingwood")
00.1  R  Joe DiMaggio Dr -> Ferry     09.6  R  Warren
00.2  L  Escobar -> Marina Vista      09.9  L  Taylor -> Reis
01.7  L  onto bridge path; see signs  10.7  L  Laurel
03.6  -  option to continue left      11.0  R  Magazine (X I-80)
         onto path to overlook        11.7  L  Sonoma
03.8  L  Park Ave                     12.2  R  Maritime Academy
04.1  R  Adams                        12.6  L  onto Zampa path
04.3  R  Military East                13.0  R  Zampa viewpt
05.9  L  W. 7th St                    13.1  C  across bridge
06.0  R  K St                         14.2  L  Pomona -> Carq. Scenic)
07.1  L  into Benicia State Park      22.5  R  Talbart
08.0  R/L Rose Dr (exit park)         22.7  L  Escobar
08.3  L  Columbus Pkwy                23.0  L  Ferry to Joe Dimaggio
08.5  L  Benicia Rd (no sign)         23.2  L  Court St; into parking lot