Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Walnut Creek and Antioch
Rating:   2.5     Miles: 52
Description:   we're riding all over the place!
Start:   in Martinez at Hidden Lakes Park, Morello Ave & Chilpancingo Pkwy
Notes:   route added January 4, 2008
Turn  Onto                         Turn  Onto

L  Chilpancingo -> Concord Ave      L  onto sidewalk after crossing street
   -> Galindo St                    R  onto Delta de Anza Trail   
L  Clayton Rd                       L  W. Leland
R  Oakland Ave                      R  Range Rd
R  Mt. Diablo St                    L  onto Delta de Anza Trail
L  Mesa St                          L  into park - water available
L  Cowell Rd                           back onto sidewalk; it becomes the trail
L  Ygnacio Valley Blvd              R  Bailey Rd  
R  Concord Blvd -> Oakhurst Dr      L  Mims/Canal Rd - onto sidewalk
L  Clayton Rd -> Marsh Creek Rd     L  onto Delta de Anza Trail
L  Deer Valley Rd                   L  Willow Pass Rd
L  Empire Mine Rd                   X  Evora, onto sidewalk; it becomes the trail
L  Mesa Ridge Dr                    S  exit bike path; go onto the freeway
L  Golf Course Rd                   R  after 1.1 miles, exit the freeway
L  Frederickson Ln                  R  Port Chicago Highway
   Contra Loma Park - Lunch         L  Arnold Industrial
   Trail around east side of re-    L  Solano Way
   servoir to Delta de Anza Trail   R  Marsh Dr -> Center St
L  onto trail                       L  Hidden Lakes Dr
   regroup? Restrooms in park       R  Chilpancingo
R  Somersville Rd                   R  into Hidden Lakes Park
L  Buchanan, onto sidewalk             th-th-th-th-that's all,folks!
   and back onto trail