Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Vacaville to Winters
Rating:   2     Miles: 40
Description:   optional lunch at Steady Eddy's, corner of E. Main and Railroad
Start:   in Vacaville; at Lagoon Regional Park; River Rd / Pena Adobe Rd, just off I-80
Notes:   route updated January 4, 2008
Turn  Onto                        Turn  Onto

S  Pena Adobe Rd                   L  Winters Rd
R  Rivera Rd -> Cherry Glen           pedal south along 505
X  I-80                            R  Allendale Rd
R  Pleasants Valley Rd             L  Timm Rd
   pedal 12.5 miles                R  Peaceful Glen Rd
R  Putah Creek Rd                     -> English Hills Rd
   pedal 4.5 miles                 R  Cantelow Rd
L  Winters Rd -> Railroad Ave      L  Stieger Hills Rd
L  Russell St                      R  Gibson Canyon Rd
R  4th St into City Park           R  Farrell Rd (don't miss turn!)
   Lunch                              -> Vaca Valley Rd
R  4th St                          L  Pleasants Valley Rd
L  Russell St                      BR Cherry Glen
R  Railroad Ave -> Winters Rd      L  Cherry Glen -> Rivera Rd
R  Putah Creek Rd                  X  I-80
                                   L  Pena Adobe into Park