Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Rio Vista, Montezuma Hills
Rating:   2     Miles: 62
Description:   n/a
Start:   Rio Vista; Fisherman's Parking Lot, on Front Street, just south of the bridge
Notes:   route added January 4, 2008
Turn  Onto                            Turn  Onto

L  Front St                            U  Collinsville Rd
R  Main St                             S  Birds Landing   
L  2nd St                                 food and water at tavern, if open
   -> Montezume Hills Rd               R  Birds Landing Rd
R  Montezuma Hills Rd (at 'T')         R  Montezuma Hills Rd   
L  Birds Landing Rd                       -> 2nd St
   optional stop in Birds Landing;     R  Main St
   funky town and tavern               S  Rio Vista (food and water)
R  Collinsville/Shiloh Rd              L  Front St
U  at Shiloh Church (water in back);   R  River Rd
   continue through Birds Landing      S  Real McCoy Ferry   
C  Shiloh/Collinsville Rd                 Get on the ferry
S  Birds Landing                       R  Ryer Rd E.
C  Collinsville Rd                     L  Hwy 220
R  Day use area access road            L  Hwy 84
S  Day use area                        S  Real McCoy Ferry  
U  Day use area access road               get on the ferry
R  Collinsville Rd                     C  River Rd
S  Collinsville                        L  Front St
   walk up onto levee for              R  Fisherman's Parking lot
   view of the delta

R-Right, L-Left, S-Stop, U-Uturn, C-Continue, B-Becomes