Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Benicia to the Rockville Cafe in Rockville (Cordelia Junction)
Rating:   2     Miles: 42
Description:   an out-and-back from the southern Benicia waterfront to Rockville
Start:   in Benicia at Matthew Turner Shipyard Park; 1001 W 12th Street
Notes:   route added January 4, 2008
Turn  Onto                     Turn  Onto

R  W. K St                      R  Suisun Valley Rd
L  W. 2nd St                    R  Mangels Blvd
R  Military West                L  Green Valley Rd
   -> Military East             X  I-80 -> Lopes Rd
L  Jefferson Ct                 L  Lake Herman Rd; X 680
L  Park Rd                      R  Industrial Way; X 680
R  Industrial Way               L  Park Rd
L  Lake Herman Rd               R  Polk St -> Grant St
R  Goodyear Rd                     -> Military E. St
L  Marshview Rd;  X I-80           -> Military W. St
R  Lopes Rd                     L  W. 2nd St
X  I-80 -> Green Valley Rd      R  W. K St
R  Mangels Blvd                 L  W. 12th St
L  Suisun Valley Rd, to            into Park
   Rockville Cafe on left