Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Benicia
Rating:   2     Miles: 28
Description:   a bit hilly, but not bad
Start:   in Benicia, Matthew Turner Park; near W. K St and W. 12th St
At  Turn  Onto                   At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  K St                    20.1  R  Industrial Way
03.0  U  Benicia St. Park        22.0  L  Park Rd
04.7  L  Columbus Pkwy           23.2  L  Jefferson Ct
06.5 BR  Columbus Pkwy                    to clock tower
07.3  L  Ascot Dr                      L  at Grant St
07.6  R  bk path at Sunrise               onto Military East
      L  downhill under Ascot          L  E 5th thru marina
08.9  U  end of bk path                L  1st St to trnrnd
10.6  R  Ascot Dr                         and return
11.5  R  Redwood Pkwy                  L  W F St
12.3  R  Columbus Pkwy                 L  W 2nd St
         * watch for trucks            L  W H St
13.0  L  Blue Rock S. Park             R  W 3rd St
         * rest rooms                  L  W I St thru 9th St Pk
15.7  L  Lake Herman Rd                L  W K St
18.5  R  Lake Herman Park              L  W 12TH St
         * lunch                 28.0  S  Matthew Turner Park
18.5  R  Lake Herman Rd                   * finish *