Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton
Rating:   2     Miles: 38
Description:   n/a
Start:   San Ramon Central Park; corner of Bollinger Canyon and Alcosta Blvd
At  Turn  Onto                  At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Bollinger Cyn Rd       27.8  R  Santa Rita Rd
00.1  L  Alcosta Blvd           28.6  L  Rosewood Dr
01.5  R  Crow Canyon Rd         29.1  R  Rose Pavilion
04.4  R  Tassajara Ranch Rd           * lunch * Erek's Deli
05.0  R  Camino Tassajara       29.4  R  Rosewood Dr
09.3  L  Highland Rd            30.0  R  Owens Dr
11.2  R  Collier Canyon Rd            R  thru BART sta.
12.0     summit - windmill      31.0  L  Dublin Blvd (->W)
         * see alt short rte    32.7  R  Dougherty Rd
16.9  R  North Canyon Pkwy      33.3  L  Amador Vly Blvd
17.7  L  Airway Blvd            33.6  R  Stagecoach Rd
      R  airport parking        34.9  R  Alcosta Blvd
         * regrp rest stop      37.8  L  Bollinger Canyon
      R  Airway Blvd            38.0  R  Central Park
18.1  R  Kittyhawk Rd                    ** finish **
19.6  L  E. J London Blvd
20.0  R  Hagemann Dr           ** alternate short route **
20.6  L  Olivina Ave          ** after summit Collier Canyon
21.1  R  Murrieta Blvd                L  Carneal Rd
21.6  R  Stanley Blvd                 L  Highland Rd
25.5  R  Valley Ave                   R  Camino Tassajara
26.3  R  Kolln St                     L  Crow Canyon
26.8  R  Mohr Ave                     L  Alcosta Blvd
27.0  L  Kamp Dr                      R  Bollinger Canyon
27.2  L  Rheem Dr                     R  Central Park
27.7  L  Stoneridge Dr                * approximately 25 mi