Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Danville, Mt. Diablo, Walnut Creek
Rating:   3.5     Miles: 30
Description:   to the rest stop at the junction of North/South Gate Roads
Start:   in Alamo, at Alamo Plaza Shopping Center parking lot
Turn  Onto                    Turn  Onto

 L  Railroad Ave               S  Bancroft
 R  Prospect                   L  C.C. Canal Trail
 L  Front St                   L  Cherry Ln
 R  Diablo Rd                  L  Seven Hills
 R  El Cerro / Diablo Rd       R  Walnut Blvd
 L  Diablo Country Club        L  Rock Spring
BL  through the club           R  trail at Whitecliff
    -> trail through fence     L  Rudgear
 L  South Gate Rd              R  Lavender
    -> ranger sta. at junc.    R  Livorna
    * lunch                    L  Danville Blvd
 L  North Gate Rd             BR  Railroad Ave
 L  Walnut Ave                 R  Railroad Ave parking