Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Palo Alto and San Gregorio
Rating:   4     Miles: 52
Description:   About 4,300 feet elevation gain.
You doing Tunitas Creek? Better bring your favorite climbing shoes.....and a healthy attitude...
Start:   in Los Altos Hills; at the Page Mill Road Park 'n Ride off Hwy 280
At  Turn  Onto                     At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Page Mill Rd              41.8  R  Mountain Home Rd
11.6  C  Alpine Rd                          food Roberts Mrkt
15.4  R  Pescadero Rd              43.5  L  Portola Rd
16.3  L  La Honda Rd (Hwy 84)      43.6  L  Portola Rd
24.7  R  Stage Rd                           -> Sand Hill Rd
         food at San Greg. store   47.3  R  Santa Cruz St
25.6  R  Highway 1                          - Alam. DL Pulgas
29.6  R  Tunitas Creek Rd          47.3  L  Junipero Serra
36.4  X  Skyline Rd                49.7  R  Page Mill Rd
      C  Kings Mountain Rd         52.0  L  Park 'n Ride
41.1  L  Woodside Rd                        * finish *