Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   San Francisco
Rating:   2.5     Miles: 31
Description:   n/a
Start:   in San Francisco; Embarcadero, by the Ferry Building
At  Turn  Onto                 At  Turn  Onto

00.00  R  The Embarcadero      16.30  R  John Muir Dr
01.35  L  Jefferson St         17.50  R  Skyline Blvd
01.90  C  thru Aquatic Park    17.95  L  Great Hiway
02.00  R  Van Ness Ave         20.70  R   Lincoln Blvd
02.15  L  up hill onto         20.75  L  1st L into GG Park
          McDowell/bk path     23.00  L  to music concourse
02.35  C  thru Marina Greens   23.05  L  out of concourse
03.20  C  -> Mason St          23.25  R  John Kennedy Dr
03.50  L  Halleck St           24.55  L  Conservatory Dr
03.70  R  Lincoln Blvd         24.75  S  Arguello Blvd
06.70  S  out of Presidio      25.80  R  into Presidio
07.70  C  El Camino Del Mars   26.45  R  Moraga
          into golf course     26.55  L  Funston Ave
07.77  L  Legion of Honor Dr   26.85  X  Lincoln Blvd
          regroup                        onto Halleck St
08.20  C  Legion of Honor Dr   27.05  R  Mason St
09.05  R  Clement St                     Aquatic Park regrp
09.10  L  El Camino Del Mar    29.10  R  Hyde St
09.15  R  Great Hiway          29.15  L  Beach St
13.30  L  Skyline Blvd         30.05  R  The Embarcadero
13.85  L  Lake Merced Blvd     31.30     stop Ferry Building