Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   San Francisco; Lake Merced to Fort Point
Rating:   3     Miles: 25
Description:   n/a
Start:   in San Francisco; southwest corner of Lake Merced Blvd and Sunset Blvd
Turn  Onto                   Turn  Onto

 N  Sunset Blvd bike path      R  Gorgas
 L  Vicente                    L  Halleck
 R  GT Hwy bike path           R  Lincoln
    * rest room stop           L  Park
 R  Lincoln                    R  Kobbe
 L  MLK Dr GG Park             L  Washington
 L  JFK Dr                        * regrp Battery Caulfield
 R  JFK Dr                     R  Battery Caulfield
 L  Conservatory Dr            R  Lake
 L  Arguello Blvd              R  El Camino Del Mar
    * regrp Presidio gate      R  30th Ave
 L  Washington                 L  Lake
 R  Park                       R  17th Ave
 L  McDowell                   R  Geary Blvd
 L  Crissy Field                  * lunch Hong Kong Flower
    * regrp at pet cemetary    L  18th Ave
 L  McDonald                   R  Anza
 L  bike path                  L  23rd Ave
 S  Marine Dr                  R  Cabrillo
    * stop Fort Point          L  25th Ave
    * 20 minutes               S  cross over drive
 S  Marind Dr                  R  Transverse Dr
 S  bike path                  R  Overlook Dr
 S  Marina bike path           R  Middle Dr
 R  Fillmore                   L  bike path
 R  Beach                      R  bike path
    * regrp Palace Fine Arts   R  MLK Dr
 L  Baker                      L  Sunset Dr bike path
 R  Francisco                     * finish *