Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Daly City, Fremont: BART to BART to BART
Rating:   3     Miles: 60+
Description:   n/a
Start:   in Daly City, at the BART station
Turn  Onto

 R  John Daly Blvd                  ** Option A **
 L  Skyline Blvd -> I-280           L  Paseo Padre Ave
    -> 1st exit -> under fwy        R  Decoto Rd
 R  Skyline Blvd                   * Union City BART *
 R  Hillcrest Dr -> under fwy
 S  Sawyer Camp bike trail          ** Option B **
 R  Skyline Blvd                    L  Paseo Padre Ave
 L  at 'T' - Ralston Ave            R  Decoto Rd
 R  Canada Rd                       L  Mission Blvd
 L  at 'T' - Woodside Rd            L  Tennyson Ave
    * regroup *                    * S. Hayward BART *
 R  Whiskey Hill Rd
 R  Sand Hill Rd -> Portola Rd      ** Option C **
 L  Alpine Rd                       L  Paseo Padre Ave
 L  J. Serra Blvd -> S. Cruz Ave    R  Decoto Rd
 R  at 'Y' - Santa Cruz Ave         L  Harder Rd->S. Clara St
 R  El Camino Real                  R  A St
 L  Ravenswood Ave                  R  Burbank St
 R  Laurel St                       L  B St
 L  Willow Ave                     * Hayward BART *
 R  bike trail --> Palo Alto
 S  Waverly St                      ** OPTION D **
 L  University Ave - lunch          L  Paseo Padre Ave
 R  next street                     R  Decoto Rd
 R  Hamilton Ave                    L  Harder Rd->S. Clara St
 R  Waverly St -> bike trail        R  A St
 R  Willow Ave                      R  Burbank St
 R  bike path - before Hwy 84       R  B St
 S  cross on Dumbarton Bridge       R  Meekland Ave
 S  frontage road                   L  Lewelling Ave
 R  Thornton Ave                    R  Ashland Ave
 R  Willow St                       L  Delano St
 L  Central Ave                     R  Elgin St
 R  Logan Dr                       * Bayfair BART *
 L  Eggers Dr
    * see Option A *
 R  Paseo Padre Ave
 L  Walnut Ave
 L  Civic Center Dr
    * Fremont BART *