Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Pleasanton, Sunol, and more of both
Rating:   3     Miles: 22
Description:   climbing Kilkare and putzing around the flatlands
Start:   Pleasanton, at Muirwood Park, on Muirwood Drive
Notes:   route added January 4, 2008
Turn  Onto                   Turn  Onto
L  Muirwood Dr                L  Pleasanton-Sunol Rd
L  Foothill Rd                R  Happy Valley Rd
   to Sunol                   L  Alisal St -> Sycamore Rd
R  Kilkare, to the top        L  Sycamore Rd
   regroup                    L  Sunol Blvd - under 680
U  from whence you came       R  Castlewood Dr
   regroup at bottom?         R  Foothill Rd
L  Hwy 84 (over the bridge)   R  Muirwood Dr...back to park