Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Dublin, Livermore, Tracy
Rating:   2     Miles: 82/67
Description:   One-third the way to Yosemite; send off of the Yosemite tour group
Start:   in Dublin; Dublin High School; on Brighton Drive and Village Parkway
Turn  Onto                 Turn  Onto

 R  Penn Dr                 follow above route in reverse
 R  Amador Valley Blvd
 R  Dougherty Rd            * Altamont -> Greenville
 S  X Fwy -> Hopyard        * for 67-mile ride
 L  Valley Ave              X  Hwy 580
 L  Stanley Blvd            S  -> N. Flynn Rd
 X  Isabel                  S  -> S. Flynn Rd
 X  El Camanito             L  Patterson Pass Rd
 S  Railroad                R  Cross Rd
 L  First St               BR  Tesla Rd
 R  South Front             L  Wente Rd
 L  Preston                 R  Marina
 L  South Front             L  Arroyo
 L  Greenville Rd           R  Superior
 R  Altamont Pass Rd        R  Regent
BL  Grant Line Rd           L  Lexington
 R  Mountain House          L  Holmes
 R  Byron Rd                L  Vallecitos
    * caution - traffic     R  Vineyard
 L  Grant Line Rd (J4)      R  Bernal
    at first house /X RR    S  --> Valley Ave
    * stop and return at    R  Kolln
    Foster Freeze deli *    R  Mohr
 S  Grant Line Rd           L  Kamp
    -> Byron Rd             L  Stoneridge
 R  Byron Rd                R  Gibralter
 L  Grant Line Rd           R  Hacienda
 R  Altamont Pass Rd        S  -> Dublin Blvd
    * watch for next        R  Dougherty Rd
    L turn near bottom      L  Avador Valley Blvd
 L  Carroll                 R  Brighton Dr
    * for bailout           R  Dublin High School