Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Dublin, Niles Canyon, Palomares Road, etc...
Rating:   3     Miles: 31
Description:   similar to the Pleasanton/Palomares ride
Start:   in Dublin, at Shannon Center, on San Ramon Valley Road and Shannon Avenue
At  Turn  Onto                     At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Shannon Ave               14.1  R  Palomares Rd
00.1  R  San Ramon Vly Rd          18.6  X  summit
      X  over Hwy 580                       * rest stop
01.5  S  -> Foothill Rd            23.8  R  Palo Verde
08.0     Pleasanton Ridge Park     24.2  R  Dublin Cyn Rd
         * rest stop *             29.4  L  Foothill Rd
09.8  L  Kilkare Rd                         -> San Ram Vly Rd
09.9  R  Main -> Niles Cyn Rd      30.7  L  Shannon Ave
14.0  * hard right turn coming     30.8  R  Shannon Cntr