Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Dublin, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Oakland, Castro Valley
Rating:   4     Miles: 72
Description:   The Hilly 70 -- 4,700 feet elevation gain
Start:   in Dublin; Dublin High School; on Brighton Drive and Village Parkway
 Turn  Onto                                Turn  Onto

  R  Brighton Dr                             L  bike trail
  L  Village Pkwy                            S  Olympic
  R  Amador Valley Blvd                      R  Tice Valley Rd
  L  San Ramon Rd                            R  Crest
  S  over I-580 Hwy                          L  Hillgrade
  R  Dublin Canyon Rd                        R  Danville Blvd
  S  -> E. CV Blvd                           CAUTION - next turn very busy
  R  Crow Canyon                             L  Stone Valley Rd
  L  Cull Canyon Rd                             restrooms/water at park before
     restrooms, water at park                R  Green Valley Rd
  L  Heyer Ave                               L  Cameo
  R  Redwood Rd                              R  Maiden
  BL onto Redwood Rd at Pinehurst Rd ***     S  through the posts
  R  Skyline Blvd                            S  Belgian
     bathrooms / water just before           R  Clydesdale
  R  Grizzly Peak Blvd                       BR Clydesdale
  X  South Park                              L  path into country club
  R  Golf Links Rd                           S  Alameda Diablo
  R  Shasta                                  BR La Cadena
  R  Wildcat Canyon                          R  Avenida Nueva
  R  Camino Pablo                            L  Diablo Rd
  BR becomes Moraga Way                      S  -> Blackhawk Rd     
  L  Glorietta Blvd                          X  Camino Tassajara
  X  Rheem Blvd                                 stores/water/restrooms
     Caution - twisty narrow downhill        S -> Crow Canyon Rd
  S  -> Acalanes Rd                          L  Dougherty Rd
  R  Mt Diablo Blvd                          L  Bollinger Canyon Rd
  R  Mountain                                R  Stoneleaf Rd
  L  Brook                                   S  -> Dougherty Rd
  L  Moraga Road (signal)                    R  Dougherty/Bollinger instersec.
  R  Moraga Blvd (signal)                    R  Amador Valley Rd
  R  Hawthorne                               R  Brighton
                                             R  all done
  *** short route
  R  Pinehurst
  R  Canyon
  R  St. Mary's Road onto bike path
  S  onto Olympic
  pick up long route at ** (Tice Valley)