Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Dublin and San Ramon
Rating:   2     Miles: 20
Description:   lunch at El Toritos
Start:   in Dublin, at Shannon Center, at Shannon Road and San Ramon Valley Road
At  Turn  Onto                   At  Turn  Onto

 0.0  L  Shannon Ave              3.2  L  Davona Rd
 0.1  X  San Ramon Vly Rd         3.7  X  Alcosta Blvd
 0.2  R  Vomac Rd                 5.5  L  Montevideo Dr
 0.3  L  Landale Ave              5.6  R  San Ramon Vly Rd
 0.4  R  Donohue Dr               7.7  R  Norris Canyon Rd
 0.7  X  Amador Valley Blvd       8.4  L  Alcosta Blvd
 0.9  L  El Toritos               8.7  R  Crow Canyon Rd
         * brunch                11.2  R  Dougherty Rd
      R  out of parking          15.9  R  Amador Valley Blvd
 1.1  R  Amador Valley Blvd      17.4  R  Donohue Dr
 1.8  L  Burton                  17.8  L  Landale
 1.9  L  Tamarack Dr             17.9  L  Vomac Rd
 2.2  X  Village Pkwy            18.0  L  Shannon Ave
 3.0  L  Lucania                 18.2  R  Shannon Center