Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   St. Helena, Lake Hennessey and Lake Berryessa
Rating:   3     Miles: 54
Description:   Lakes Hennessey and Berryessa, Pope Valley and Ink Grade "Half a Napa"
Start:   in St. Helena, at the Train Station on Church Street
At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Hwy 29/128           30.1  L  Pope Valley Rd
00.1  L  Pope St                       after bridge
01.1  R  Silverado Trl        37.9  R  PV Cross Rd -> right
04.6  L  Sage Canyon Rd       38.9  R  Chiles and PV Rd
08.1 BR  cont Sage Cyn Rd     41.5  L  Ink Grade
         past Chiles and      45.0  R  White Cottage Rd
         Pope Valley Road     48.0  S  cont to summit
12.6 BR  cont Sage Cyn Rd     49.0  X  Deer Park Rd
         past Lower                    -> Howell Mountain Rd
         Chiles Valley Road        BR  at intersection with
13.8  S  over summit                   Conn Valley Rd
         to Turtle Rock       52.5 L/R at Silverado Trl
15.1  L  Knoxville Road                -> Pope St
                              54.5  R  * return to start