Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   in Novato, the Marin French Cheese Company
Rating:   3     Miles: 35
Description:   about 1,700 feet total elevation gain
Start:   in Novato, on Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Road, just south of the end of Novato Boulevard
At  Turn  Onto                  At  Turn  Onto

00.0  N  Pt. Reyes-Petaluma Rd  22.0     Pt. Reyes Station
00.9  L  Hicks Valley Rd /      23.7  S  into Pt Reyes Stat.
         Wilson Hill Rd         24.2  R  Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd
03.6  L  Marshall-Petaluma Rd   28.1  L  Platform Bridge Rd
10.6  S  to cattle ranch        28.9  S  Nicasio Reservoir
14.6  L  Shoreline Hwy          34.5     Marin Cheese Co.