Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Livermore, out Vasco Road, up Marsh Creek and Morgan Territory
Rating:   3     Miles: 55
Description:   Climbs on Vasco and Morgan Territory Roads. Food and water only at the start and at the gas station.
Morgan Territory Regional Park offes only water.
Start:   in Livermore, at the shopping center parking lot at S. Livermore and Pacific Avenue
At  Turn  Onto                   At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Pacific Ave             21.8  X  Walnut & Old Vasco
00.1  L  Dolores St              23.3  S  -> Marsh Creek Rd
00.4  R  East Ave                         * stay left
01.7  L  N. Mines Rd             26.6  X  Deer Valley Rd
02.6  R  Patterson Pass Rd       33.5  L  Morgan Territ Rd
04.0  L  Vasco Rd                42.8  L  park entrance
05.4  S  gas station / market             * regroup restrooms
09.7  S  Summit                  48.4  L  Manning Rd
19.7  L  Camino Diablo           48.9  R  N. Livermore Ave
         * regroup               54.6  L  parking lot