Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Livermore, Patterson Pass - Altamont loop
Rating:   3     Miles: 50
Description:   big tough loop for many riders
Start:   in Livermore, at the shopping center parking lot at S. Livermore and Pacific Avenue
At  Turn  Onto               At  Turn  Onto

00.1  L  S. Livermore        25.8     - lunch at
01.5  S  Tesla                        - the gas station
04.9  L  Cross Rd            27.5  R  Byron Rd
08.5  R  Patterson Pass Rd   28.0  L  W. Grant Line
18.6  R  Schulte Rd          35.2  S  Altamont Pass Rd
21.8  L  Lammers Rd          43.5  L  Greenville Rd
23.2  R  Fabian Rd           46.8  R  East Rd
24.5  L  Corral Hollow Rd    50.2  L  Dolores
25.6  L  W. Grant Line       50.5  R  Pacific Ave