Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Livermore up to Morgan Territory Regional Park. Total elevation gain is about 2,000 feet.
There are some tough, steep climbs on this thing.
Rating:   3.5     Miles: 26
Description:   head north and climb a lot...
Start:   in Livermore, at shopping center parking lot at S. Livermore and Pacific Avenue
At  Turn  Onto                   At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Pacific Ave             Longer Return Option:
00.1  L  Dolores St
00.4  R  East Ave                20.0  R  Manning
01.6  L  N. Mines Rd             21.4  R  Highland
02.9  X  First St                24.1  L  Collier
03.8  L  Las Positas Rd          29.5  R  N. Canyon
04.5  R  N. Livermore Ave        30.3  L  Airport
04.7  X  I-580                         L  Kitty Hawk
08.3  L  Manning Rd                    R  Isabel
08.8  R  Morgan Territory Rd     31.8  L  Jack London
12.8  S  top of main climb       32.8  R  Murrieta
14.4  R  Morgan Terr Park        32.9  L  Pine
         *regrp rest rooms       33.7  R  L Street
14.4  L  Morgan Terr. Rd         34.9  L  College
20.0  L  Manning Rd              35.5  L  S. Livermore Ave
         * long option -> right  35.7  R  Pacific Ave
20.5  R  N. Livermore Ave        35.8  L  parking lot
24.1  X  I-580                   Total Elevation Gain: 2520'
25.5  X  First St
26.2  L  Pacific Ave
26.3  L  parking lot