Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   around Livermore; lots of dead-end most jobs you've had...and relationships...
Rating:   2     Miles: 40
Description:   a bunch of dead-end most jobs you've had.....and relationships...
Start:   in Livermore, at Bluebell Drive and Springtown Boulevard (from 580, take 1st St. north)
Turn  Onto                   Turn  Onto

 E  Bluebell                  R  Carneal
 R  Sunflower                 L  Collier Canyon
 X  Vasco                     R  N. Canyons Pkwy
 C  Northfront                L  Airway Blvd
 L  Laughlin                  R  Collier Canyon
    -> end -> return          R  Doolan Rd
 R  Northfront                   -> end -> return
 R  Herman                    L  Collier Canyon
 L  Scenic                    R  Aireay Blvd
 X  Vasco                        * lunch at airport
 R  Broadmoor                 E  Airway Blvd
 L  Dalton                       -> Portola
 R  Ames                      X  Murrieta Blvd
 L  Raymond
 R  Dagnino                      * long route *
    -> end -> return          L  N. Livermore Ave
 R  May School Rd             L  Hartman
 R  Bel Roma                     -> end -> return
    -> end -> return          L  N. Livermore Ave
 R  May School Rd             R  Hartford
 R  N. Livermore Ave          L  Lorraine
 L  Manning                   R  Raymond
 R  Highland                  R  Ames
 R  1st R at top of hill      L  Dalton
    -> end -> return          R  Broadmoor
 R  Highland                  R  Scenic
 R  1st R past Carneal        L  Bluebell
    -> end -> return
 L  Highland