Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   around Livermore; eastern portion of the Cinderella route
Rating:   2     Miles: 33
Description:   Cinderella training ride; the eastern portion of the route
Start:   in Livermore, at the shopping center parking lot at S. Livermore and Pacific Avenue
At  Turn  Onto                  At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  S. Livermore Ave       18.6  R  Highland Rd
01.3  S  Tesla Rd               21.3  L  Collier Canyon Rd
04.5  L  Cross Rd               26.7  R  N. Canyons Pkwy
06.7  L  Patterson Pass Rd      27.5  L  Airport Blvd
09.0  R  N. Greenville Rd             X  I-580
10.4  L  Northfront/Altamont    27.8  L  Kittyhawk Dr
11.7  R  Herman Ave             29.0  X  Airport Blvd
12.0  L  Scenic Ave             29.3  L  E. Jack London Way
12.4  X  Vasco Rd * caution     30.1  R  Murrieta Blvd
12.8  R  Broadmoor St           30.2  L  Pine St
13.5  L  Dalton Ave             31.0  R  N. L St
13.6  R  Ames St                31.7  X  First St
13.8  L  Raymond Rd                      * caution
14.5  R  Dagnino Rd             32.0  L  Seventh St
15.0  L  May School Rd          32.4  R  S. Livermore Ave
16.3  R  N. Livermore Ave       32.6  L  parking lot
17.3  L  Manning Rd