Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   backroads of Livermore
Rating:   2     Miles: 30
Description:   just like it sounds...
Start:   in Livermore, at Springtown Boulevard and Bluebell Drive, at the duck pond

Turn  Onto                       Turn  Onto

 W  Bluebell Dr                   L  Airway Blvd
 R  Larkspur                      L  Airway Blvd
 R  Rhododendron                  R  Kittyhawk
 R  Springtown Blvd               L  Jack London
 R  bike path past the bridge     R  Murrieta
 X  Heather                       X  Stanley
 L  Arrowhead                     S  enter bike trail
 L  Scenic                        X  N. Livermore Ave
 R  Broadmoor                     X  Hillcrest
 L  Dalton                        X  Madison
 R  Ames                          L  Almond
 L  Raymond                       R  East Ave
 R  Dagnino                       L  Mines Rd
 L  May School                    R  Patterson Pass Rd
 R  N. Livermore                  L  Greenville
 L  Manning                       L  N. Front
 R  Highland                      R  Herman
 L  Carneal                       L  Scenic
    * option:                     X  Vasco Rd
 S  Highland                      L  Heather
 L  Collier Canyon                L  Bluebell
 L  Collier Canyon                   * finish *
 R  N. Canyon Pkwy