Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   we're all over the map today
Rating:   2     Miles: 45
Description:   n/a
Start:   at the Dublin-Pleasanton BART Station
Turn  Onto                  Turn  Onto

R  Dublin Blvd               BR  S. Livermore Ave
R  Hacienda                   R  shopping center parking
L  Dublin Blvd                   * lunch
L  Tassajara                  R  S. Livermore Ave
R  Highland                   L  Palm
   * regroup                  L  J Street
L  Manning                    R  College
R  N. Livermore               L  L Street
L  May School                 S  -> Arroyo
R  Dagnino - at 'T'           R  Concannon
L  Raymond - at 'T'           L  Isabel
R  Ames                       R  Vineyard
L  Dalton                     R  Bernal
R  Broadmoor                  S  Valley
L  Scenic - at stop              * caution RR tracks
R  Vasco Rd                   R  Kolln
R  into store                 R  Mohr
   * regroup * refreshments   L  Kamp
R  Vasco Rd                   L  Stoneridge
L  Northfront                 R  Gibralter
R  Greenville                 R  Hacienda
L  Patterson Pass Rd          L  Owens
R  Cross Rd                   R  BART Station
R  Tesla - at 'T'                * finish *