Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   the hills in Hayward
Rating:   3     Miles: 12
Description:   a hilly and short route
Start:   Park 'n Ride on Center Street, between Grove Way and Castro Valley Boulevard
At  Turn  Onto                      At  Turn  Onto

00.0  R  Center St                      It's between houses;
00.1  R  Castro Valley Blvd             very easy to miss
         Regroup @ 5 Cyns Pkwy      06.0  L  Mystic View Ct
00.9  R  Five Canyons Pkwy          06.2  L  Hayward Blvd
         Regroup at Fairview        08.4  R  Campus Dr
03.2  L  Fairview Ave               09.2  L  Second St
05.0  R  -> Hayward Blvd @ summit   10.5  R  A St
         Regroup at summit          11.2 	R  Grove Way
05.2  L  Bailey Ranch Road          11.9  L  Center St
05.5  R  trailhead towards middle   12.0  R  Park 'n Ride
         of Bailey Ranch Road;