Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Niles to the hills
Rating:   1.5     Miles: 32
Description:   pedaling to the Coyote Hills and back
Start:   at the Niles staging area, on Old Canyon Road near the west end of Niles Canyon
Notes:   route added January 4, 2008
Turn  Onto                    Turn  Onto

L  Old Canyon Rd                  Rest Stop at Don Edwards Visitor
R  Clarke Dr                      Center at left of park entrance
R  Canyon Heights              L  Marshlands Rd to top of bridge
R  Maar Ave                       regroup and turn around
L  Canyon Heights Dr           S  Marshlands Rd - return to entrance gate
R  Morrison Canyon Rd          L  Quarry Trail - just before visitor center;
X  Mission Blvd                   all the way to pedestrian overpass
   -> Walnut Ave               S  Apay Way (gravel trail)
L  Gallaudet Dr                L  Bayview Trail
R  Stevenson Blvd.             BR to stay on Bayview Trail
R  Farwell Dr                  R  Coyote Hills Regional Park - lunch
L  Central Ave                 R  Patterson Ranch Rd
BL Central Ave                 L  Paseo Padre
R  Cherry St                   L  Ardenwood
L  Thornton Ave                R  Alameda Creek Trail
L  Marshlands Rd               S  all the way to Niles on the trail