Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Castro Vally and Cull Canyon
Rating:   2     Miles: 17
Description:   Hey - it's the Cull Canyon loop.
Start:   Castro Valley Community Center; 18988 Lake Chabot Road
At  Turn  Onto              At  Turn  Onto

00.0  R  Lake Chabot Rd     08.5  U  @ end of pavement
00.1  R  Quail Ave          14.5  R  Heyer Ave
00.3  R  Seven Hills Rd     15.5  L  Redwood Rd
01.7  R  Madison Ave        15.6  R  Somerset
02.0  L  Heyer Ave          16.5  R  Lake Chabot Rd
02.5  L  Cull Canyon        17.0  R  CVCC