Valley Spokesmen Ride Route

Ride area:   Castro Valley, Oakland, Redwood and Skyline Roads...and the zoo!
Rating:   3     Miles: 26
Description:   "We're going to the zoo.....we're going to the zoo!!"
Start:   in Castro Valley, on Redwood Road - the parking lot between Mabel and Heyer
At  Turn  Onto              At  Turn  Onto

00.0  L  Redwood Rd         20.4  L  MacArthur Blvd
11.8  L  Skyline            21.0  L  Estudillo Ave
16.5  S  -> Grass Valley    21.1  S  Lake Chabot Rd
16.9  R  Golf Links         23.7  L  Lake Chabot Rd, @ stop
18.7  L  -> Knowland Park   25.1  L  Somerset
         * lunch stop       25.6  L  Santa Maria Ave
19.3  L  zoo exit road      25.8  R  Mabel Ave
19.6  R  106th Ave          26.2  L  Redwood Rd
19.8  L  Foothill Ave